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ATB Explore


Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction, Strategy

During my internship at ATB Financial, my team was tasked with solving the problem of connecting all areas of the business and team members’ skills in order to promote lateral movement, career growth, and continuous skill development. In our research, we identified three key issues: disconnect between different areas of the business, limited internal visibility of opportunities and lateral movement, and ineffective resources for skill and career development.


Our recommendation was a platform that allows for learning, discovery, and connectivity on one single game-like hub called ATB Explore. It is based in a virtual world where team members have avatars and can explore different buildings that represent different branches and areas of the organization. They can talk to the other team members they meet in the virtual world, as well as check out their profiles which show their skills so that teams can be formed more easily.


A job board and learning sections are also included in the platform, as well as possible career paths to help team members to set their learning and networking goals within the company.


When team members answer questions about other areas of the business, attend events and live streams, and learn new skills on the platform, they are rewarded points which are displayed on a leaderboard.

Honoured 1st Place in the ATB Capstone Case Competition

Design/Writing: Marissa Gruenke, Tabitha Bruins 

Illustration/Character Design: Tabitha Bruins

Scrum Master: Samantha Cheung

Research/Business Analysts: Marissa Gruenke, Tabitha Bruins, Ana Cherniak-Kennedy, Shelby Harapiak, Kunjan Upadhyaya, Megha Singh, Madison Healing, Joel Johnson, Sam Lokman