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Biographical Map


Infographics Design, Copywriting, Illustration

This project involved finding an idiosyncratic aspect of a fellow student’s life and creating an in-depth infographic depicting the details and significance of the subject.


During my interview with her, my classmate Kayley mentioned that one of her favourite beverages was coffee. She drinks it often and it is an integral part of her life because a lot of her memories with friends and family are built around grabbing a cup of coffee or drinking it at home. Another aspect of her coffee life that interested me was that she began drinking it at the young age of 10 as a part of her family’s socializing traditions. It was intriguing for me to see how this small but important part of her life has evolved over the past 10 years.


I researched the average amounts, types, and prices of coffee beverages Kayley consumed throughout each month of her life and added up the number of servings, the cost, the caffeine content, and the sugar content totals of every cup of coffee she drank. This information is compared between each year of her life, and memories on the outside of the graph are a reminder as to why coffee is so important to Kayley.