© 2019  Marissa Gruenke

Brightside Student Marketing


Project Management, Strategy, Event Planning

Brightside is a new banking app that needed to establish itself to the world, and beautify its new office space.

To begin making connections and developing their careers, ACAD fine arts students need to build a CV of their artistic professional history and achievements by applying to display their work.


Both ACAD students and Brightside are passionate about the creative new work they are doing, and want to prove their greatness to the world.

I connected the two and had the ACAD Fine Arts students exhibit their pieces at the Brightside HQ office by working with three student-run campus galleries help them establish themselves as well. 

The event generated Instagram and Facebook content in the Arts community through the galleries and artists posting and sharing the opportunity. 

Project Management: Marissa Gruenke 

Gallery Coordinators: Robyn Mah, Liam Black, Alice Schoenberg, Pan

Marketing Manager: Tianna Sperling

Artists' Work Pictured: Fiona Couillard, Yuan Yin, Toni Cormier