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iO Packaging and Identity


Brand Design, Packaging Design, UX Design, UI Design

iO is a line of skincare that is also edible for consumption. The line includes a candle that can be used as syrup when melted, lotion that doubles as cooking grease, and lip scrub turned that can also be used as coffee sugar.

The brand uses circular design strategies and is for an audience that wants to get the most out of the least amount of products possible. They value all-natural products and packaging that they don’t have to throw out.

Io is a moon of Jupiter with the most volcanoes and and highest diversity of landscapes in the milky way. This reflects the diversity of the products’ uses. It has a very prominent mountainous range, which reflects the packaging's focus on tactile senses. The planet incorporates nature, a sense of touch, and duality all in one, just like iO's product line. 

iO's logo uses human, simple, and organic forms. The packaging system has simple forms, is reusable, and colour-coordinated. Elements of the packaging are structured clearly all information is sectioned into their own compartments. Texture is highlighted as an element of the packaging, and it is made of recycled craft paper material which allows it to be reusable and recyclable if needed.

Project Partner: Will McKeown