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Counterfeit Gentleman Display Typeface

This typeface is display lettering for the book The Napoleon Complex, and conveys the book subject’s personality to viewers. If it were a person, the typeface would attempt to make up for his height insecurity by gloating tall talk about every aspect of his life. He is unwavering to others’ opinions and exaggerates often, but deep down he is uncomfortable with his truly short and insignificant self.


The letters shout without an immediate ease of readability, just like his counterfeit personality. They have thick, blocky strokes to be brash and show that the personality never knows when to step back and tone it down, but short x-heights to show that their boastfulness does not truly count for anything. Long ascenders and short descenders emphasize the personality’s habit of tall talk without real substance. Tight counters and eyes give readers little comfort and breathing room like the persona gloating in conversation.