© 2019  Marissa Gruenke

Sip & Scrub Product Identity

Everyone has a ritual of taking care of themselves and preparing for the day ahead every morning, and most people’s include making coffee and taking a shower after waking up.


Sip & Scrub extends the life of food waste coffee drinkers create every morning by allowing them to use their brewed coffee grounds as an exfoliating shower scrub in a loofah-like filter packet. Consumers simply throw packets in their coffee-maker, brew and drink the coffee normally, bring the used packet to the shower, and scrub their skin with it. The package containing all of the filter packets can be used as a mug when it runs out of product.


The brand focuses on morning rituals and the sense of touch in the packaging focusing on sensations such as a warm cup in your hands, the comfort of the shape of your favourite mug, steam in your face, hot coffee warming up your body, the fresh start of scrubbing your skin clean, and warm water waking you up.