© 2019  Marissa Gruenke

The Price is Right Opening Credits


Motion Graphics, Illustration

The Price is Right is a daily television show all based around winning money and prizes. Its stage, props, and audience members are all flashy and adorned in bright colours which add to its fast-paced whirlwind of excitement. The look and feeling of the show are reminiscent of a casino, so the video brings this into play as well. This is achieved through constant spinning, rotating, sliding, and popping motions similar to those of slot machines, decks of cards being shuffled, and roulette tables.


The show also uses colours and shapes with 1970s motifs even on today’s episodes, since the current version of the show began filming in the 1970s. Bright, dizzying colours and quickly accelerating movements show the style of this era in the video. The patterns used in the video also show the 1970s style, and the shapes used in these patterns are seen in the show’s various games.